Community Partners


Santa Barbara County Animal Services

SBCAS prioritizes the health, safety, and welfare of the animals and people we serve through proactive intervention, effective enforcement, collaboration, education, and the compassionate care and rehoming of sheltered animals. (805) 681-5285

Santa Barbara Humane Society

Santa Barbara Humane Society serves the community with shelter, animal adoptions, full-service veterinary clinics, and behavior training. Both locations (on Overpass Road in Santa Barbara and Stowell Road in Santa Maria) offer outdoor play areas for daily socialization and exercise for the canine population. (805) 964-4777

Santa Ynez Humane Society

Santa Ynez Humane Society serves the community by providing and promoting humane, compassionate, and conscientious care of companion animals. We seek to prevent their overpopulation, as well as to further prevent cruelty to animals. (805) 688-8224


C.A.R.E.4Paws promotes responsible pet ownership and animal welfare in Santa Barbara County. We create awareness through educational programs and dog training intervention and provide the resources necessary to make spaying and neutering a viable option for all. We collaborate with private and public institutions in the community to decrease the number of animals that enter shelters and rescue groups as well as to increase adoption rates within these organizations. (805) 968-2273



ResQCats is a non-profit sanctuary dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of abandoned cats and kittens in Santa Barbara. (805) 563-9424