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Adoption and Behavior Support

In 2015 ASAP officially founded the Feline Retention Program and established the Feline Retention and Behavior Helpline to further our commitment to our community—to provide the help needed to keep cats and their families together whenever we can. We offer this assistance not only to cats adopted from ASAP, but to all cats and their families in the community.

Shortly after a cat is adopted and brought to their new home, the ASAP Retention Team reaches out to identify and address any potential issues as early as possible. This ensures the physical and emotional well-being of each cat and provides an opportunity for us to share our wealth of feline education, understanding, and compassion. We have found that pet owners will often choose to keep their pet if only provided the help they need to resolve the issues they are facing.

Common cat behavior issues that the Retention Team assists owners with include unwanted scratching, litter box problems, excessive meowing (particularly at night), and tension between multiple cats in a household. Solutions often include confidence building tools and stress reducing activities like more wand play, food dispensing toys, and clicker training. The Retention Program provides education on reading and understanding a cat’s body language so that families can learn what their cat is trying to communicate. ASAP also partners with other local organizations, such as C.A.R.E.4Paws (link to their website), to provide pet food and other necessities to those in need, because a temporary setback shouldn’t have to mean giving up a much-loved companion animal.

Ready to trim your cat’s claws?

Another common issue that many of our families have is learning how to trim a cat’s claws. Learn how to do so safely and lessen the stress of all involved, by watching this helpful tutorial video:

 We understand that sometimes it just may not be possible to keep a cat with its family, and we’re also here to help find the best solution for all. It’s a difficult and emotionally distressing experience to give up a pet, often at times of change and crisis in our own lives. Our relinquishment process allows us to work closely with families to provide compassionate support and to see what their timeline and options are, giving us time to find the best solution for whatever the cat and their family needs. The sooner you reach out to us, the better!