Foster Facts

  • Foster cats are those who need some time out of the shelter for medical purposes, behavioral work, or just for their own mental wellbeing.
  • Foster cats remain legally the responsibility of ASAP Cats and all medical care and medical decisions are provided through ASAP Cats.
  • Supplies needed for caring for these cats can and are provided from ASAP Cats, however if a foster would like to help provide supplies it does allow for ASAP Cats resources to go to other areas of cat care.
  • A foster cat is a great way to go if you are in want of a kitty companion but not ready to commit to adopting.
  • Foster cats can remain in the care of their foster families so long as the foster and cat are happy and the situation is mutually beneficial to them both.
  • Forster cat can always come back to ASAP Cats when needed.