Volunteer at ASAP

Volunteer Opportunities

ASAP is its volunteers! Shelter cat care and surrounding support programs are run almost exclusively by a group of dedicated and motivated volunteers. Our volunteers allow ASAP Cats to take in our community’s cats and kittens in need and provide daily care, veterinary attention, and a loving environment in which to live as they await their future adopters and forever homes.

Our volunteer opportunities are diverse and involve almost every aspect of caring for the cats and keeping the shelter up and running. These opportunities include:

Shelter Cat Care: participate in the daily care of cats in the shelter, including: cage cleaning, feeding, cat socialization, and grooming as well as general housekeeping for the shelter with: laundry, dishes, and general cleaning.

Administration: participate in administrative tasks such as preparing adoption supplies, dispersing promotional materials, filing, and maintaining records.

Foster: provide loving care for cats in their home, while ASAP Cats remains the legally and financially responsible party. Fosters can be utilized for kittens, short term stays for adult cats, and hospice fosters for cats to live out the rest of their lives in a comfortable, loving home.

Community Cats/Outreach: participate in assisting the community with concerns and advice over community cats, potentially lost/found cats, unaltered free-roaming cats, and pregnant cats, cats with kittens, or kittens.

Social Media: facilitate communication with our community through social media accounts to promote adoptable cats, educate the public on cat topics, share our events, create engagement opportunities with our shelter. Volunteers will take photos, create and share posts, and engage with the public to share information about ASAP Cats.

Matchmaker: communicates with potential adopters to determine a safe and happy fit for the adopter and cat.

Feline Behavior: work with cats in the shelter to build trust and confidence in cats and address any behavior issues to grow cats into comfortable adoptable cats.

Feline Retention: maintain an open line of communication with adopters and any community cat parent to help with any concerns to help keep cats healthy and in their homes.

Events: assist with event preparations or at events.

Facilities: maintain facility to allow for the best care for cats in the shelter.