Senior/Hospice Fostering

Your Senior Cat

As your cat is aging it is good to think about how their changing body is interacting with their home. Jumping and climbing may become painful or difficult if still even possible.

This can include climbing in and out of the litter box. Bending down to eat or drink may make ingestion more difficult. Their roaming areas may shrink and they may like to have their “supplies” more within reach. Litter boxes, water, and beds available in more places so they are always close by may be much appreciated by your kitty who doesn’t want to walk too far anymore.

Beds in nice warm sunny spots will be particularly appreciated. Slippery flooring may also start to require more effort than your senior kitty would like to exude. Putting down rugs or other non-slip coverings can make mobility a lot easier.

Grooming assistance may also start to be required if your senior cat is having trouble keeping up. Regular brushing and nail trimming will keep him/her feeling as fresh as possible.

Hospice Fosters

Hospice fosters have huge hearts and a soft spot for our older, less adoptable cats. These loving fosters take in cats to spend as much time, up to the rest of the life of a senior kitty providing a comfortable home and lots of love!