Tips for Cats in the Home

Tips for Cats in the Home

When bringing home your new cat, set them up in a smaller room/area with food, water, and a litter box. Place their carrier in this area and open the door to allow then to come out and explore on their own time and when comfortable.

Ideally your new cat will live its life indoors only, saving you lots of money on vet bills and your cat a lot of potential injury and illness.

Cats enjoy playtime and mental stimulation and should be played with as much as you can to give them an appropriate release for their energy and hunting instincts.

Appropriate scratching options are vital to keep the peace between scratching instinct and your nice furniture!

Keeping the cat carrier out as a snuggly place for your cat will make load up time a lot easier! The cat will be used to the carrier and not see it and immediately think, “VET!”

Never feed your cat first thing in the morning unless you want yourself a kitty alarm clock! Instead, get up and get ready and then feed your cat.

Slowly desensitizing your cat to having their paws handled and slowly introducing nail trimming will make all the difference inthe long term when it comes to easy nail trims!

Cats love to be up high! It makes them feel safer so a cat tree or shelf is generally always appreciated!